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At The French Workshop, we’re lucky to have a team of enthusiastic, skilled and passionate French tutors with fascinating backgrounds. All of them are native French speakers and experienced in teaching French as a second language in-person and online.


Our skilled French tutors come from various part of France and each one of them brings their unique experiences in education, art, cooking, literature and more during each lesson.

 French tutor in Australia

Lucie, a French native speaker from Tours (the inhabitants of Tours are renowned for speaking the "purest" form of French!), founded The French Workshop in 2013.


Since then, Lucie has taught French to many people in Melbourne, from beginners to advanced speakers, from individual to group lessons. She can teach French to children, high school students and adults starting from scratch, as well as help students prepare for exams (VCE, IB, DELF, DALF…) and stay motivated.


Being a foreigner herself, Lucie understands that learning a new language takes a lot of practice and also patience. That's why her lessons are always varied, enjoyable and suit each student's needs.


Lucie uses real French materials like newspapers, novels, songs etc and encourages students to speak in French as much as possible, allowing them to speak like a true French person. Teaching funny French expressions and popular words is her specialty!

Lucie is available for online lessons and also for face to face lessons in Williamstown.

French tutor in Melbourne

Elodie is from Paris. After teaching French and Latin in high school for 10 years, she decided she wanted to find a way to also put in good use her long lasting love of English and moved to Melbourne.

As an experienced teacher, Elodie knows well how to adapt her teaching to her students and to find motivating but also useful resources. She can help you to begin your journey of learning French or to improve it while sharing her knowledge of French culture and history. She can also help you to prepare for exams (VCE, DELF…), or to improve your fluency. Looking for new tricks of effective communication has always been a hobby of hers!

If you love Paris, literature, science-fiction, fantasy, animated but always respectful debates, you will for sure enjoy your lessons with Elodie.

Elodie is available for online lessons only.

French tutor in Melbourne


French tutor

Zoé is from Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas thanks to it’s well known ‘Christkindelsmärik’. 


She obtained a Master's degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language in 2014 and since then she has been working with students of all ages, levels and with various needs. Zoé also can help students prepare for exams (VCE, DELF, DALF...).


Zoé is someone who loves the adventure and 

journey of sharing the French culture with others. She uses real-life resources such as TV shows / movies, books, magazines and newspapers from France.


Most importantly, Zoé always makes sure you have a good time!



French tutor

Born and raised in Paris, Ludivine is proud to be French. She loves everything about her beloved country, from its history and outstanding landscapes through to its food, traditions, monuments and art.


She has had the opportunity to travel since she was child. Her many travels, in France and abroad, gave her the opportunity to experience new cultures, and get familiar with a variety of traditions, languages and people. Eventually, learning from others made her want to share about her country, and its language. Her Australian working holiday experience in 2018 made her fall in love with Australia, and she is now about to complete her Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management in Melbourne.


Being extroverted and passionate, listening and open-mindedness are at the heart of her communication. She believes in a dual communication between her students and her and is determined to make her students, of all ages, backgrounds and levels, feel comfortable and self-confident throughout the process of learning French.

Lucie, founder, owner & French tutor


French tutor

Private French tutor for VCE students

Originally from Paris, Christine grew up in different parts of France such as in the Alps, in Chambery and in Angers. Even though Christine left France a long time ago and lived in Germany for many years, she is very close to her country and its culture. Teaching her native language is a way of being an “ambassador” as she likes to include important points of tradition, etiquette and history in her lessons.

Since then, Christine has taught French to a wide range of students, including business-people and children. She is a very dynamic and patient person who loves to add a little bit of humour and fun to her lessons.

Topics such as food and wine (she taught cooking classes for 20 years) but also music (Indie and Classic), cinema and literature are Christine’s favorites and she is always keen to include them in her lessons either through texts, mini- documentaries or films online.

French tutor in Melbourne
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French tutor


French tutor

Aurore is a native French speaker from Brittany. She started teaching French in Melbourne in 2019. She is now back in France where she teaches French online and studies for a Master's degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Being naturally generous and enthusiastic, Aurore loves when students discover the French and Breton culture. Aurore’s lessons are fun and entertaining. She is flexible and adaptable and will do her best to suit the needs of the students.

Really proud of French literature, old movies, music and songs, she is always ready to discuss her culture and look into deeper if necessary. Aurore is also passionate about French food and as she grew up in a bakery, she loves to speak about traditional foods which are definitely a part of the French culture and tradition.

Aurore is looking forward to working with new students to share about her own language and culture in a positive way.

Aurore is available for online lessons only.

Marion was born in France but she is from everywhere! 
She has spent a few years living in Paris and in the south of France but lived most of life overseas: in Hong Kong, Germany, Czech Republic and  Syria. She is now finally settling in Australia. 
Having spent so many years in different countries, she learnt to appreciate different cultures and cherish her own.

She started tutoring while living in Syria as an after school job. She has decided that it is something she wants to do as her main job and she has been working as a French teacher for the past 2 years. From beginners to advanced levels she understands how to personalise a lesson to make it accessible and enjoyable for any levels. 
She is also interested in teaching children as she is very creative and like crafts. She believes mixing teaching and craft is a great way to learn and teach.

Marion takes teaching seriously but can only do it well if both her and her students are having a good time! She loves travelling, reading, movies and always enjoys a good debate about any topic.


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